Quality Care

We care about quality because quality is important. It has been a key factor in shaping our success today. So just remember, in everything we do, whether it is building properties or giving back to the community, quality is always on our mind.


Our vision is to be Malaysia’s market leader in real estate development with continuous, affordable and trustworthy creations of new communities and investment opportunities without compromising quality and design.


To Our Clients

At JS Group we are dedicated to go beyond our client’s expectations by building relationships with professionalism, honesty and integrity. We are committed to understanding our clients’ needs and we pride ourselves in providing excellent design and value.

We are able to provide value to our clients because we are in control of up keeping quality standards. That is because we have our own in-house Construction companies and affiliate companies in the Tiling, Glass, Aluminium and Iron industries. That means that strict guidelines, specifications, measurements and top-notch materials can be obtained and met, every time. Therefore, we can assure quality, always.

We liaise with top consultants in architecture and designs to provide properties that are relevant to the times.

We consistently deliver to our clients and promote a better tomorrow. We want to help our clients turn their real estate dreams into a reality.

To Our Stakeholders

We are a good corporate citizen devoted to responsibly care for our stakeholders. We look to improve the quality of life for society, not only by building new communities and business opportunities in potential profit-earning areas, but also through our philanthropist efforts. We support the community through our generous donations to educational institutions, non-profit organizations, nursing homes, and community associations.

Our growth and profitability is maintained through innovation, upholding quality standards, using modern technology and improving efficiency and productivity, to deliver on-time and at reduced costs. Hence, we can offer affordable real estate, contribute to the vibrant economy, and are able to motivate our employees with incentives to provide quality services.

We embrace teamwork and our corporate culture encourages positive thinking, constructive feedback and recognizing opportunities for improvement. That molds us into a team of skilled and experienced professionals from construction to sales, where continuous development and rewards empower all levels to work in a happy and dynamic environment.