Limbongan, Melaka

Nestled in the new Limbongan, Taman Limbongan Jaya is structured right in the centre of what is set to be the future city hub of Melaka. In amongst a sea of newly developed shoplots, Taman Limbongan Jaya ranks high in appeal by offering residential homes. Comprising of double storey terrace houses, double storey semi-detached houses, and fronted with triple storey shoplots, a busy lifestyle of glamour, city lights and overindulgence of shopping is imminent. 6 minutes away from the city of Melaka Raya, 5 minutes away from the UNESCO World Heritage City of Melaka and with the new Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre down the stretch, Taman Limbongan Jaya delivers in being  first-class in comfortable, practical and contemporary city living.